BrevilleToday, when many families shop for a toaster oven, they are looking for a quality product that will last several years. As society becomes more conscious of energy efficiency, toaster ovens are becoming more popular. For households that want to steer away from the use of a conventional oven, the Breville brand is one of the most reliable, well-built toaster ovens on the market today.

Although Breville does not have a large selection of different models, the models that are available can be considered one of the highest quality toaster ovens available. Because Breville prides itself on providing consumers with quality products, these ovens are also more expensive than many comparable models. If you are unsure of whether or not you will like using a toaster oven, you may want to consider a less expensive brand. However, if you already know that you love toaster ovens and are looking for a product that will last, Breville is the perfect brand for you.

When shopping for a Breville toaster oven, there are three models from which to choose. The least expensive is the Mini Smart Oven. This oven, priced at just under $150, is the perfect size for small kitchens, and can do almost everything that can be done in a conventional oven. It has functions for reheating, toasting, baking, broiling, and pizza. If you want a toaster oven that doesn’t require a lot of counterspace, the Mini Smart Oven may be right for you. Another good option for households without a lot of extra counterspace, is the Breville BOV650XL. This unit has independent heating elements that will heat your food thoroughly and evenly. These elements automatically adjust to the right temperature based on the function you choose. If you’re looking to spend a little extra money for a higher quality product, you may consider the Breville BOV800XL, which is priced at just under $250. This is the largest of the three models offered, and it has the most features. With the Smart Oven, you have nine different functions to choose from, and the automatic heating elements adjust accordingly. This oven also offers convection cooking, which can speed up cooking time by as much as 30 percent.

Although Breville does not offer a large selection of toaster oven models, the ones they do offer were designed with quality in mind. These are products that have the ability to last several years longer than comparable, less expensive brands. You will also have a warranty and excellent customer service from a company that strives for perfection.